Titan Aviation Adds Gulfstream V

DUBAI, U.A.E. (October 21, 2013) – Titan Aviation added a Gulfstream V to its managed fleet and the aircraft was handed over to the Operations team at the manufacturer’s facility in Luton, London. The aircraft will be managed and operated by Titan Aviation for exclusive private use of its owner.

Configured to accommodate 16 passengers in utmost comfort and luxury in three cabin zones, the luxurious jet is equipped with state-of-the-art features such as high speed communication – voice & data, air show, in-flight entertainment etc. The cockpit crew is pleased with the Heads up Display (HUD) features and they will have the use of Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) available, along with I pad – the objective is to establish a paperless cockpit environment.

“We are pleased to accept the Rolls of the skies, on behalf of the Owner. The owners have been active flyers on the same family of aircraft for many years. Passenger comfort in the GVis unmatched and it also offers the perfect range for the owner’s travel profile; GV has excellent dispatch reliability and Gulfstream product support is also world class – around the globe.” said Capt. Sakeer C. Sheik, Managing Director of Titan Aviation.

Chief Pilot of Titan Aviation who is a veteran Gulfstream pilot lauds the GV for its versatility and performance. “I have flown Gulfstreams many years and I am very impressed of the climb performance which allows us in most cases to climb up to FL450 right after T/O. HUD and EVS improve our safety during poor visibility. We are working on converting the cockpit into a paperless environment”. He and his team of Pilots along with Maintenance team of Titan Aviation are currently working on various process improvements to ensure the Owner gets the best out of his private jet.

Javed Ahmed, Technical Director of Titan Aviation welcomes the GV to the fleet, “We are happy to have the GV with us and have already proven to the owner that he can keep to his travel schedule with minimum down time of his aircraft.” With CAMO approvals from relevant Civil Aviation Authorities, Titan Aviation is emerging us a one-stop solution provider for many aircraft owners, according to Javed.

Inside the Gulfstream V : A Video Tour

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