Titan Aviation Adds Two Jets to Managed Fleet

Titan Aviation has recently added a Global 5000 and a Hawker 800XP to its managed fleet in the Middle East. Both the Aircraft will be flown exclusively for the owners.

Welcoming the aircraft to its fleet, Mahesh Iyer, President of Titan Aviation Group said, “We have provided excellent quality services to the Private Aircraft Owners which has become our forte. We are pleased to add two more Aircraft to our fleet, which offers flexibility for our client’s travel needs. The Global 5000 helps the Client to travel intercontinental distances whereas the Hawker 800XP offers good cabin space and comfort for short hops in the GCC and Africa region.”

According to Rajesh Rajan, Chief Operating Officer of the Group, “Operationally, Global is an aircraft that gives lot of flexibility in range and we also ensure it serves the owner fully by having a flight engineer on-board all the time. Hawker 800XP is a very versatile machine, and we are happy with the availability of support in the GCC and Asia region which ensures continuous operations”. He adds that the aircraft are maintained exclusively at authorised service centres to ensure “accountability”.

Titan Aviation is an aviation services company, established in 2004, offering a wide array of services, including Aircraft Management, Charter, Sales & Leasing, Cockpit Crew Support and Pilot Training. It manages a fleet of 10 jets, across Asia and Middle East, and is expanding its services to Singapore and the UK. The company has been certified by international auditors such as IS-BAO, and works with many reputed lenders as the Operator of choice.

Titan stands out for its responsiveness and transparent business practices, distinctively offering highly skilled and professional service at a very competitive cost. Its team consists of Aviation professionals, covering all categories of the industry, including General, Corporate and Commercial Aviation.

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