About Us
About Titan Aviation

Titan Aviation was established in 2004 by a team of aviation professionals, headed by Sakeer Sheik, a pilot with an entrepreneurial spirit. Modest ambitions but long term goal was the objective and mission of the new start up. The company has evolved since then and has metamorphized into a leading aviation service provider of quality, with multiple locations across the U.S., Europe, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific. Titan Aviation’s long-term vision is to grow into a leading aviation services company by focusing on its business ethos of ethics, trust and value.

Titan has earned a reputation as a quality service provider of customizable aircraft management solutions, low cost charter, and transparent aircraft sales transactions, turnkey aircraft operations management, and ethical aviation consulting services.

Why Titan Aviation?
  • Worldwide Presence and Operations
  • Fleet operator of all types, from light jets to ultra-long-range including Helicopters
  • Full set of crew for all aircraft (Instructor/ Sr.PIC/SIC)
  • “One-stop shop” for flight operations, aircraft maintenance supervision, and charter management
  • Fixed monthly budget with no hidden fees
  • Benefits of fleet – fuel, training, ground handling, and more
  • Highest safety standards and quality
  • 135 Certificate/Private Management specialists

Titan Aviation is a National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) member since inception.

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