Titan Aviation Sponsors 3rd Annual Aviation Asset Management Middle East Conference

Titan Aviation is sponsoring the 3rd Annual “Aviation Asset Management in the Middle East” conference which is going to be held on the 10th of November 2011 in Novotel World Trade Centre Dubai, UAE.

The event will provide the platform for high level debate, exchange of ideas and information as well as extensive networking opportunities for aviation executives from the Middle East and around the world.

The highlights of the conference will include topics like Legal aspects of aircraft leasing disputes, Traps and Pitfalls in Aircraft Lease Agreements, Aircraft Leasing and Lessor’s tools to protect the Value of an Aircraft Asset and Major advantages of financing aircraft in off-shore jurisdictions having adopted the Cape Town Convention. “Being in the business of Aircraft Sales and Management, it’s our pleasure to sponsor an event like this which focuses on providing efficient Aviation Asset Management concept, which is of great importance to the high value asset owners during difficult financial times.” says Capt. Sakeer C. Sheik, Managing Director of Titan Aviation, who is also one of the prominent speakers at the conference.

“The financial crisis has forced many owners to get rid of their private jets which are high value at the same time high expenditure causing assets, but if managed properly they can be used as supporting tools for the growth of business during difficult financial times and this is where efficient asset management professionals like us play a role.” adds Capt. Sakeer.

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